About Redman

Redman is a South African only business dedicated to the creative challenge of making your empty walls the most exciting & imaginative decorative area in your home or business. The possibilities and choices are virtually endless and we are able to customise and give you a bespoke outcome at chain store prices .

Our ‘studio art ‘division has literally 1000s of hand painted oils and acrylics representing a multitude of different styles, genres, techniques and subject matter – all of which can be custom framed to best fit in with your decorative context.

We are the masters of printing onto new and exciting materials; paper, canvas, metal and now glass. Choose the medium that you relate to then we’ll print your own photos or you can choose from a vast collection of online image libraries ( over 100 million unique photos ,graphics and digital images) you’ll be dazzled and amazed at what we can create together.

Our framing workshop can achieve the impossible .Any challenge, concept or design.

  • Block mounting
  • Custom box framing
  • Traditional framing
  • Custom built mirrors

We offer a full range of turnkey services; packaging for local road freight and containers ; countrywide door to door delivery within 3 days; delivery and installation within the Gauteng area.
We have just launched our newest ,very exciting and uber convenient ONLINE CONSULTANCY SERVICE.


Send us photos of your empty wall spaces together with your completed “ideas questionnaire” (We’ll upload your images and send them back with some suggested art pieces on your empty walls. Once the “ball is rolling” it wont take long before we’re able to install your art makeover and transform you home /office to project its fullest potential.
We totally understand that many customers may be wary of the outcome they are able to achieve with a art makeover . We are able to totally reduce this risk by offering an apro service (max. 3 paintings per trial if credit card details are supplied). We also have a 30 day return for exchange or credit (not refund) policy.

We strive to achieve “raving fans” so we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your total satisfaction .