About Redman

You’ve got empty walls that you want to bring to life? We are the professionals you should be talking to. Redman boasts a huge collection of hand painted studio art in a huge range of different styles and genres.

We can custom print (using your images or your choice from our library of 70 million high resolution images) onto paper, canvas, metal or glass. We are able to build bespoke mirrors in any size and in any frame of your choice. Our framing workshop is equipped to tackle any framing project including box framing, block mounting, float mounting and traditional framing.

We are extremely well priced, able to meet very demanding deadlines and to deliver nationally and install throughout Gauteng.

Our workshops are equipped and skilled to make any framing project a reality.

Whether it is box framing, block mounting, canvas stretching or traditional framing, we provide quality workmanship at competitive prices. We are usually able to provide a 5 day turn-around and we also offer a professional installation service (including weekends).

Block mounting is an effective method of displaying paper prints and posters.

Your print is glued onto a custom built board using a vacuum press to ensure a bubble free, smooth finish & the edges are painted to ensure a professional finish.

Canvas is a wonderful tactile media which adds texture & tradition to any image.

It is light, durable & extremely inexpensive to frame or display frameless (simply stretched over a custom built wooden frame).

We can print your own photos or any image chosen & downloaded from Shutterstock/Fotolia.

Our maximum printing size is 3mx1,4m. Completed production time is 3 days.

The ultimate medium to express contemporary industrial sophistication. Very clean, very durable & very different.

We are able to to print any image, and any image onto toughened shatterproof glass which is then securely mounted with 25mm stand-offs, available in silver, white & black.

Our maximum print size is 240cmx120cm. Completed production time including installation is 21 days.

Measure your empty space and decide how you want the mirror to complement your space. This means, choosing the right size and shape, then ensuring that your frame is appropriate in the context of your décor. Also consider how your mirror will be viewed from different angles and not just straight on.

A mirror is the X factor when you want to create energy, light and space. A mirror can become artwork in its own right or it can be used to reflect and amplify other interesting art and objects in your room.

Mirrors can be custom framed and built to your exact size. We recommend bevelling on all square and rectangular mirrors to add an additional dimension of depth and shape.

Dibond (brushed aluminium) is light, strong & very resistant to weathering & corrosion. Ideal for displaying industrial chic & grunge.

We can print any image (from online libraries like Shutterstock or Fotolia or your own personal pictures) to any size.
Dibond is securely mounted onto any wall (brick & dry) with cylindrical 25mm stand-offs available in silver, black & white .

Completed production time including installation is 10days.


Shop 4,Design Quarter
C/o William Nicol and Leslie rd

011 467 6944



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